Revolutionizing Electronics With PCBnet

Printed circuit boards have been widely used nowadays, but its concept dates back from the early days of the 20th century. Various inventors from all around the world such as Albert Hanson, Thomas Alva Edison, and Paul Eisler experimented with the idea of a conductive metal mounted on a non-conductive backing material.

However, it was only during the Second World War that printed circuit boards were extensively used by the military.

Apparently, the United States Army required an electronic circuit that can be easily produced en masse – yet also reliable enough to withstand being fired from a gun. The perfect solution for this dilemma was the PCB, which was used as a major component for proximity fuzes that detonated explosive charges within its range. Over the years, successive research work has been done until printed circuit boards have been adopted in both consumer electronics and specialized applications.


While PCBs have revolutionized the field of electronics over the years, a lot of companies nowadays still have a hard time when it comes to sourcing them for various purposes. Domestic production costs higher, and this has led to circuit board production being outsourced overseas in order to reduce overhead costs. A major issue, however, is that PCBs produced outside the country are notorious for sub-par quality – causing product malfunction. This is where we, at PCBNet come in. We disprove the usual perception of PCBs manufactured overseas. With our company’s extensive experience and knowledge in producing printed circuit boards, all orders from the first piece up to the last are guaranteed to have utmost quality.

PCBNet’s production facilities located in Asian technology powerhouses like Korea and Taiwan have received various certifications, attesting to the superior output and processes in use. Some of these certifications are UL94V-0, ISO-9002, QS-9000, and ISO-14000. In addition, we are honored to have a few technology companies as partners when it comes to printed circuit board assembly. Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, and Whirlpool are just some of our trusted partners.

What makes PCBNet different from the rest of the printed circuit board manufacturers around?

Simple. Our more than 18 years of domestic experience in the field, coupled with state of the art equipment and well trained production staff, have given us the noteworthy reputation of quick delivery when it comes to circuit board fabrication and assembly. No matter how large or small any PCB requirement your company calls for, rest assured that we can deliver it on time without sacrificing quality. Small quantities are turned out in five to six days, and larger onces are expected to be finished in two to three weeks.

Printed circuit boards

One of our recent innovations here at PCBNet is the full turnkey quotes through our website. This is a convenient option for customers who may need quotations for mass manufacturing of circuit boards, whether it is for testing or actual production. For a quote, the following requirements should be submitted: bill of materials, assembly drawing or Gerber files in a 274X format, Centroid or pick and place data, and samples (if available). Once we receive the requirements, a friendly procurement specialist will respond at the soonest possible time with a full quote.

Aside from turnkey quotation, we also have custom PCB materials for specialized purposes. Different types of printed circuit boards are available—multi-layer, rigid, and flex. Specialized metal substrates can also be used depending on the job – like aluminum core, Nelco, Arlon, and many others.

Our passionate and experienced team of production specialists are dedicated to fabricating the best printed circuit boards for a wide range of applications. We make it possible with the latest equipment and novel methods of PCB fabrication. PCBNet is fully committed to delivering the requirements of our customers and helping their businesses grow. Do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries about printed circuit board assembly, and we will gladly respond to your query at the soonest time possible.
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Challenge Coins And The Intricate Production – Challengecoins4less.Com

Memories that are connected through the past times can be sourced through items, more so when they are being possessed by people that have them in the two hands. While textbooks do share the general facts about history, the pieces that students need to implant into the learning brains, the possessions add a personal touch to the narrations of the past lives for individuals that are part of the life-changing events that occur at some point through time.

These people are the true witnesses, and the experiences shared through word of mouth, autobiographies and memoirs can be remembered forever. It is worth having to buy those books just in case someone needs a good read with non-fiction as the genre, with a touch of reality.

military coins

Now, we have to talk more about challenge coins. Challenge coins are usually part of the veteran memorabilia, a fraction of history that these old people carry as part of the never-ending journey towards life. Challenge coins come in all sizes and insignia, as long as the link is close to the military backgrounds. Basically, challenge coins are a token of appreciation, aside from becoming part of the fun competition during the drinking sessions at the bar. It is either you have the coin or spend the money for the entire battalion. Trust us if you don’t want that to occur.

For this article, we will discuss how challenge coins are actually made, with some being sold under

Through the Mold

Challenge coins are still in production up to this day even with collectors willing to buy the archaic counterparts. In case someone is wondering about the prime locations for such token creations, China and South Korea are the best choices. It is mainly because the tokens fabricated there are cheap, and the bond to military groups is robust. Even America is the great location for challenge coin production, but the doubloons manufactured there cost more than the ones created in the other two locations.

custom military coins

Challenge coins are created via either the casting method or even the die struck technique. For the casting method, the alloys mixed with zinc are the common materials, while bronze goes well with the die struck process. The dies that are crafted the under the skilled hands of an artist can be costly, but they are worth purchasing when they are in demand because of the designs, since the product has to capture the eyes of the clients that may want to buy them.

So in case one wants the cheap counterparts, then the coins manufactured through the zinc-alloy casting method are the best bet. The coins conjured with the die struck method are exorbitant, but because of the monetary value, these pieces are still sought after by avid collectors who won’t mind spending a few more hundred bucks for these pieces as part of the ever-progressing collection.

The Fix to Fill the Album

Here at, we are aiming to deliver challenge coins of all shapes and sizes, both the cheap collectibles and the exorbitant pieces that deserve to be hung as part of the museum for the veterans and acting soldiers alike. In case one needs a little pick-me-up for nostalgia back in the days of strife, the vast selection of challenge coins available in the list can satiate both the old and new fans of war mementos. Each coin has been selected and carefully crafted by expert manufacturers that ensure that every detail counts so that those who want to spend on these collectibles can get what they deserve for their money well spent.

custom coins

So just in case one has spots to fill for the coin collection, the website can aid in that aspect. Whether it is for the tokens that are produced in mass quantities or the rare pieces that are worth scouring, it is worth checking out the website today and feeling the joy of finally completing the collection.

Author Bio:
Challenge Coins 4 Less are aiming to deliver challenge coins of all coin shapes and coin sizes, both the cheap collectibles and the exorbitant pieces that deserve to be hung as part of the museum for the veterans and acting soldiers alike.

The Clueless Man’s Guide To Golf Shirts And Golf Apparel Style

Whether you are putting together an outfit for a costume party, drawing inspiration from the classic James Bond outfit from 1964’s Gold finger, or actually dressing up to play golf (or making others think you are), here are some basic pointers to help you fix up the perfect ensemble:

1. Tops

Today, most men as well as women fail to catch the difference between polo shirts and golf shirts. Shirts for golf have wider chest room, bigger arm holes, and longer shirt tails to allow a golfer to swing without any restriction. The best types of shirts are made of 100% polyester to allow one to feel cool on the hot and humid days. If you are feeling cold, you can thrown on a sweater. You can wear a round neck or V neck sweater and then tuck in the collars of your golf shirt for a neater look.

Taylormade golf

Never be afraid to go for patterned shirts. Go ahead, make a statement. While neutral colors are always a safe choice, going for bright colors such as blue and orange can be refreshing. Just remember to never go overboard with the colors. For example, if your golf shirt is bright, make sure to tone it down on the rest of your outfit to make it easy on the eyes.

2. Bottoms

When wearing Bermuda shorts or tailored shorts with your golf shirts, make sure that they fall right above your kneecaps. If you opt for trousers, they should always touch the top of your shoes. Anything below or higher can be significant to the overall image of your ensemble.

Also, cargo shorts and denim are never advisable when out playing on the links. Wearing either of them could restrict your movements, and do not look as appealing.

3. Belts

After a few swings of the club, your bottoms tend to slide a few inches down your waist. Always tuck in your golf shirts and use a belt to secure the tuck. If you can, match your belt with your top or bottom. Your belt need not be too formal.

4. Socks

Depending on your preference, your socks could be knee-length or only up until your ankle. No matter what you choose, you need to make sure that your socks are breathable, antimicrobial, and of course, comfortable for the long hours and distances of the game. If you decide not to divert from the conservative choices in golf shirts, you can put in some color and excitement to your choice of golf sock patterns and prints.

5. Shoes

Golf shoesShoes made specifically for golf and training are indispensable when playing the game. Most shoes have spikes made of plastic, as metal spikes have proven to be too harsh on the grass. Since the shoes are the least likely to be replaced within a certain period of time, it is best to go with neutral or monochromatic colors, so that they could match easily with whatever choice of colors you decide to wear.

6. Accessories

Golf gloves are optional and are most commonly worn on the less dominant hand, for a tighter grip and to avoid getting blisters. There are three types of gloves: leather, synthetic, and hybrid. Although it may be a pain to wash, white is still the most preferred color.

Golf AccessoriesSun visors and hats are necessary, especially on the hottest of days. If you truly want to look good, it is best that you take care of your skin. Do not forget to slather some sunscreen before and during your game. Although others may not see the sunscreen, the coverage it gives you is just as important as the benefits of the other parts of your golf outfit.

Wearing a watch (as well as other jewelry) while playing is entirely up to you. However, most experienced golf players would say that it would cause an imbalance or inconvenience and therefore affect the way you swing.  You can choose to bring a pocket watch instead.

The Best Motivational Speaker For Your Event

The people in your organization would surely thrive whenever they are motivated to do their jobs. If you are hosting a company event with the intention of inspiring your people, it’s best to hire the right motivational speaker to help your people reach their full potential.

When you hire your keynote speaker, it is best if he/she could deliver industry-specific business content that is customized, high-energy original humor, and no-fluff motivation in one comprehensive program.

A competent speaker helps your people make the leap from being good at their jobs to developing attributes that make them stand out and be chosen consistently for the job. A competent speaker gets you and your organization to understand why your services, leadership styles, or products are chosen. The speaker’s presentations help your people gain more influence, despite the circumstances.

The best motivational speaker should be charismatic, energetic, and know what he/she is talking about. One of the country’s top keynote speakers has presented to some of world’s most effective business developers and leaders. This speaker has spoken to national associations, New York Stock Exchange wirehouses, and multi-billion dollar manufacturers.

Speaking Topics

Keynote speakerAs an effective motivational speaker, you have to be well-versed in a wide variety of topics. There’s no point in giving out humor if you can’t get your message across to your audience. You need to have a background in dealing with people from the top levels of an organization to the rank-and-file. Below are some useful and enjoyable topics that the best keynote speaker may use to keep the audience’s attention. They would also greatly learn from such topics.

On A Multi-Generation Workplace

The topic, which is entertaining, informative, and is solutions-based, explores why younger and older employers don’t always see eye-to-eye. From pointers on retaining, managing, and motivating younger employees to ways to prevent older managers in dealing with the younger ones, the program shows it’s possible for Gen Y and X workers and baby boomers to co-exist peacefully in a workplace.

Being Consistently Chosen v. Being The Best

This is another topic that can help your organization be chosen always for the task, and your speaker can help you. While success is being good at your job, it’s also about being frequently chosen to do the job. The best motivational speaker helps you and your organization to understand why products or services are chosen.

Customers don’t always pick out who the best is. They are more likely to choose a company or individual with whom they are comfortable with, and that individual or company doesn’t have to be the best. You may have heard of the significance of superior knowledge and best practices, and the smartest persons are not always number one in their fields.

This program presents managing emotions and expectations and indicates there is more to success than just being the best.

Success And The Real Truth

This is a highly-entertaining topic and your audience will also find this topic humorous and informative. This research-based speech shows how top performers use their advantages’ power, even when things are not always going their way.

This program seeks to answer two questions: How do you get individuals to do what you want or need them to do? How can you derive better results from more difficult people you meet in the process of your professional life? With an emphasis on what you get out the session and what you achieve the next day, the program shows how you can deal with whatever comes your way while still looking like everything is okay.

Getting The Best Keynote Speaker

Good SpeakerHow do you choose the best speaker for you organization’s event? The right speaker has extensive experience, provides insight, can greatly impact the audience, and can research on a wide variety of topics. The best speaker should also deliver the right combination of humor and informative topics.

Contact your preferred motivational speaker now and be amazed with the wide variety of topics he/she is knowledgeable on. With the right motivation and inspiration, your employees will know the ways to attain and retain success, learn to work with people of all ages, learn how to effectively market products, and pass on what they have learned about motivation to others.

The Benefits of Getting some Help from a Long Island Loan Modification Specialist

A Long Island loan modification is an option that homeowners can turn to when they are experiencing trouble in keeping up with their monthly mortgage dues. Loan modification is a process where the terms in mortgage payment are modified to help the borrower keep up with the scheduled payment. Not anyone can apply for a loan modification. You need to satisfy certain requirements to meet the eligibility for the program.

A loan modification can give you many benefits, and you need a good and trustworthy loan modification specialist to help you find an easier way to pay your mortgage. Lots of homeowners who are currently experiencing financial difficulty can gain lots of advantage if they qualify to apply for an application as soon as possible.

Benefits of a Loan Modification

propertyImage You need to satisfy the needed requirements to be eligible for a loan modification. You need to have enough proof that you are having a difficult time keeping up with your mortgage payment. You also need to provide substantial evidence that you have the financial capacity to pay for the modified loan rate, and other requirements.

It is advisable to get the services of a bonafide Long Island loan modification specialist to help you with the entire process and cut the time in half.

You will get to enjoy a reduced interest rate in a modified loan. You can also get an option for a fixed interest rate instead of a floating interest rate. You might also get an option regarding the computation of the floating rate. The important thing is that you will be able to get a lower interest rate and make your mortgage payment easier than before.

You will also enjoy a reduced principal amount. You can also enjoy reduced late fees or penalties in case you could not pay on time. Although the late fees or other penalties are reduced, it is best if you prevent yourself from making such practice a habit. It is possible that your delayed payment (intentional or not) is one of the reasons you end up having a delinquent account.

You also get an option for a longer loan term. It is true that the interest you pay will add up, and you will end up paying more interest in the long run. However, you won’t find any trouble keeping up with your scheduled payment. This means you won’t have a delinquent account and you will gain a good payment record.

Your trusted Long Island loan modification specialist can help you enjoy more benefits. Ask him or her for the things that you need to do to maximize the benefits.

The Loan Modification is Overwhelming

A typical homeowner might find the process in acquiring a loan modification to be intimidating and overwhelming. Someone who wants to get a loan modification approval can get tremendous help from a real estate attorney. In this busy and daunting world, bank representatives respond more quickly to an attorney’s call or queries than a call made by an average homeowner.

There are cases when a homeowner’s constant follow-up can help speed things up. Hiring an attorney to help you with your loan modification is a blessing. The attorneys are the foremost authority to consult regarding legal issues. They have the right knowledge and platforms to use, and even influence a negotiation with the bank.

Most of the time, the loan modification specialist completes the application, gather the needed documents to support the application, and submit everything to the bank for approval. He or she can also help you plan for the best course of action to take when everything seems not to go your way.

The loan modification specialist will do the negotiations for you and make it easier. Rest assured that the bonafide Long Island loan modification specialist will do everything in his or her power to get your application approved.